Tencent Meeting & VooV Meeting

Tencent Meeting is an easy-to-use, smooth, secure, and reliable cloud-based high-definition video conferencing tool that enables users to host or join meetings anytime, anywhere. It breaks communication barriers across companies and regions, and strengthens collaboration and productivity.

Tencent Meeting supports flexible call-ins through smartphones, computers, Weixin/WeChat Mini Programs, and one-click calling through its connection with Weixin/WeChat and Weixin/WeCom. With an open API and hardware video conferencing system, enterprises can collaborate and create closed-loop communications.

Tencent Meeting leverages Tencent Cloud’s global network to provide stable and seamless audio and video services. It utilizes intelligent noise suppression technology, virtual backgrounds, and other UI enhancements to improve the user experience while providing secure controls for meeting hosts. Additional features include online document collaboration, real-time screen sharing, instant text messaging, and more.

Tencent Meeting is equipped with multiple layers of protection, including self-defined meeting passwords, waiting rooms, meeting locks, and automated watermarks, which provide users with a secure conferencing experience. Tencent Cloud's seven laboratories play an important role when it comes to data security. From business data to administration, network equipment to access strategies, Tencent Meeting has security built in with trusted certifications for its enterprise-class SaaS.

Tencent Meeting is widely used in municipal services, finance, education, healthcare, and other industries. VooV Meeting is available in more than 100 countries and regions to provide stable and effective support for remote collaboration around the world.